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Acid Silicone Sealant

Brand : MAGPOW

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 25-35 DAYS

Supply capacity : 100 TON/MONTH

Glue Type:Top grade acid silicone sealant
Article Number: MPH101(280ml/pc)    MPH102(300ml/pc)
Specification: 24pcs/ctn
Meas: MPH101(30*20*24.5cm)    MPH102(30.2*20.3*24.5cm)

Glue Type:Medium grade acid silicone sealant
Article Number: MPH103(280ml/pc)    MPH104(300ml/pc)
Specification: 24pcs/ctn
Meas: MPH103(30*20*24.5cm)    MPH104(30.2*20.3*24.5cm)

Glue Type:Medium grade acid silicone sealant
Article Number: MPH105
Specification: 85g/pc,12pcs/inner,12inner/ctn
Meas: 46.5*39*46cm

Acid Silicone Sealant is one kind of acid single component sulfur silicone sealant which is easy to adapt, does not contain any organic solvents. Good aging-resistant ability, high flexible, perfect performance of high or low temperature resistant, good elastic after curing. Color: transparent, black, grey, blue, red.

Technical Feature:





Gravity g/cm3

Prolapse Distance(mm)

Surface solidify time,min

Extrude Property ml/min

Flexibility recover%

Peel Strength(Standardrd,MPa)

Fix Extend Adhesive Ability



Top grade acid silicone sealant

Exquisite well-proportioned cream,no agglomeration, no gelling, no surface solidify, hard dispersing



No distortion





No damage

Medium grade acid silicone sealant



No distortion





No damage

Main Component: 

α,ω-Dyhydroxyl Methyl Silicone

Scope of application: 
Acid Silicone Sealant is used for sealing of car, gear case of motor, fore-and-art board, water pump , plane flange, cover board of other machine equipment.

Using Method: 
1.Cleaning up the surface with the cotton fabric, guarantees the surface not to have the dust, the greasy dirt, the rusty stain and so on.
2.In order to obtain good outward appearance, paste the temporary protection adhesive tape , near the place to be pasted after clean the surface, pull out after paste glue.
3. Pierce the seal with the cap, cover the mouth, cut bevel the tube mouth.
4. Spread the sealant evenly on the place which need to be sealed or bonded. The operation should be continuously, guarantee the sealant continuously squeeze out at cylinder shape, move the glue mouth evenly and slowly, prevent the form of bubble or hole is move too fast.
5.The sealant form shape at approximately 10 minutes,fold gathers the curing at normal temperature 24 hours.

1.Acid Silicone Sealant will release a few acetic acid in the solidification process, the working conditions should maintain ventilate.
2.Do not put within kid’s reach, non-toxic after solidifies completely, avoid eye contact before solidification, if touches the eye carelessly, use massive water to wash, if serious go to see a doctor.
3.When operation, must hold the glue steadily, cannot separate, guards against mixes in the air and form bubble , affects the seal effect.
4.After operation, take off the cap mouth immediately, close the packing cover tightly to prevent the moisture enter and cause solidification. Wipe off the glue left at glue mouth.
5.Acid Silicone Sealant should be operated at temperature 5-40℃,relative humidity 40-80%.

Storage and packing: 
Acid Silicone Sealant is non-flammable, seal store in 10-27℃ cool dry place, term of validity for top grade, medium grade, is 12 months, 9 months respectively.

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